Specialty Cut Flowers

We are currently skiing and relaxing!  Our 2021 season will start again in April of 2021 with our florals again available at our Farm Stand, Kootenay Coop in Nelson and Kootenay Market in Castlegar

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How to care for that great fresh bunch!

1. Wash your vase well and add a 1/2 tsp of hydrogen peroxide (a very natural safe way to disinfect), a tsp of lemon juice and tsp of sugar.  Fill vase with 1/2 full with warm water.

2. Re cut the flowers to fit your vase using sharp knife, and leave the stems as you can, as you will cut them again! Make sure you have stems only in the water, no leaves.  Add more water if need be.

3. Repeat the above two steps every third day, removing any spent flowers or trimming off spent flowers.

4. Keep out of direct sunlight.

5. Keep as cool as you can….  10 degrees is perfect. If you have a cool room to place them in at night, great!