Cut Flowers

We love our flower fields!  It is amazing how they grow and look and change during the season, it is such a joy to watch them… Of course like everything we grow, they are certified organic! (KOGS, #84)

Yes we do wedding flowers!  Please call check our wedding flower page

Current Cut flower offerings…

How about a flower subscription for  2018? We have a limited number still remaining! not only are these an excellent price, but often include ‘surplus’ increasing the value! We have two options;

– 12 weeks of flowers $165 (one week free!)

– 6 weeks of flowers $90

Delivery to your office or house in Nelson, Castlegar or the Slocan Valley from the farm to Playmore Junction, and points between Nelson and Castlegar on the highway.  (some location restrictions) Pick up options also available either at the farm, farmers market or during regular deliveries. What a perfect gift…  for yourself!

Nelson Farmers Market!

See us at the Nelson farmers market on Wednesdays to get your weekly flower fix!

Kootenay Coop in Nelson and Kootenay Market in Castlegar

Fresh flowers at your local shop!  We often deliver twice a week, so you can bet it is fresh, follow our Facebook and or instragram feed to find out what is in season.

The new tulip patch @hummingbirdfarm

We are counting on you to continue the amazing support you started to keep this lovely little local certified organic flower farm going.

Thanks for 2017 flower season!

Thank you for an amazing summer

How to care for that great fresh bunch!

1. Wash your vase well and add a 1/2 tsp of hydrogen peroxide (a very natural safe way to disinfect!), a tsp of lemon juice and tsp of sugar.  Fill vase with 1/2 full with warm water.

2. Re cut the flowers to fit your vase using sharp knife, and leave the stems as you can, as you will cut them again! Make sure you have stems only in the water, no leaves.  Add more water if need be.

3. Repeat the above two steps every third day, removing any spent flowers or trimming off spent flowers.

4. Keep out of direct sunlight.

5. Keep as cool as you can….  10 degrees is perfect! If you have a cool room to place them in at night, great!

If you want to know what is coming up, or request special orders, please contact us!