Small Pinks 1/2 Wreath on a metal ring


This small 1/2 wreath (13″) is stuffed with dried lavender, statice, bunny tail grass and gomphrena! A lovely wreath perfect for a kitchen, bathroom or office. An excellent long lasting gift. Please note we do not recommend hanging outside as this reduces their lifespan significantly.

Delivery route along highway runs from the farm gate (4380 Slocan River Road) to Playmore junction (highway 6 and 3 junction) and into Nelson. All addresses along this route need to be within 500 meters of the highway. Nelson city limits are shown on the map below.

If you have questions or if you are looking for a quote for locations outside of our delivery zone, please email us at . Let us know the location and we will quote any additional delivery costs. Note: Winlaw is 12 KM north of us and not a part of our regular route at this time, please choose farm gate pickup or request quote for delivery. 

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