Dahlia Tubers

Dahlia – Plant Dahlia tubers in the spring once the danger of frost has passed and the soil has warmed. (May!) Dahlia’s like well-drained, rich soil and full sun. Until planting time, store in a cool dark place (not the fridge). To plant – set the tuber in the hole with the top ‘stem’ 3 inches deep. Cover with soil and press firmly. Space the tubers about 18 inches apart. Best at the back of a bed. Do not over water before tubers emerge or they will rot!

Prune hard when they are 1′ tall! In the fall, once the tops have been killed by frost, but before the ground freezes, dig the tubers and lay out to dry in a warm room for a few days.  Trim the tops and mix with very slightly damp peat moss and pack into a box store in a cool place (not the fridge) until spring and you can start the process again!

Varieties we have!


Thomas Edison about 3’ tall, huge 10” blooms. A purple that doesn’t feel possible


Sweet Violette’s.  This one is a mix so you could gets one of three different colours. Will be a surprise, they are all lovely pinks, prolific plants at 4’ tall with 4-5” blooms


Sunny ball, 3 to 4’ tall with 4-5” flowers, lots of colour variations


Rebeccas world. Vert tall at 5-6’ with very long stems. 5” blooms lots of colour variations, excellent cut flowery

manhattanManhattan island. About 3’ tall with huge 10” blooms


Babylon Red. Tall at about 5’ super prolific with big fluffy 9” blooms. Christmas red!


Arabian nights 4 to 5’ tall with 4” flowers. Very prolific!

Potted Spring Flowers

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Care now – keep in bright light and cool if possible.  Water lightly.  When it is finished flowering, trim spent flowers and continue to let leaves grow inside the house on a bright cool window would be perfect.

Planting instructions – In April when soil is ready to work, remove from paper pot and plant in a well drained location at the same soil level. Will go dry and dormant in summer, excellent choice for low water gardens!

Plant details – Perennial (comes back year after year) and flowers in spring, typically in May in the Kootenays.Sunny ball, 3 to 4’ tall with 4-5” flowers, lots of colour variations